How To Get Social Media And SEO To Play Well Together

Search engine optimization is a process that most serious website owners get into early in their online careers. To businesses that rely on the search engines to bring potential customers to them, it’s positively vital. In your own business’s online efforts, you may be starting to expand your presence onto social media sites and networks. You need to take a little care while you do this to ensure that your social media work meshes well with your SEO efforts.

If you’ve already done some SEO, you know that keyword research is vital. You have to know which search terms are garnering the most attention. When you turn to cultivating social media interest, you need to do focused keyword research on the social media sites you target. What are the users talking about? You also need to spend some time figuring out exactly where your ideal audience is hanging out and what they do with their online time. Your efforts will be much more effective if you can concentrate exclusively on the largest concentrations of receptive viewers.

You will obviously want to link together your website and your social media profiles. Remember to make these links two-way avenues of communication. You should be linking to website content from your social media posts and also installing “share” buttons on your website. The real power of social media is in how easy it can be for your viewers to help popularize your content. If you make a habit of including the right links and buttons throughout your site and profiles, you can simplify the sharing process and get more exposure.

Your website will probably continue to be the flagship of your business online. That means that it should be impossible for viewers of your social media posts to miss it. Make sure that links to your site are featured prominently on your profile page. Wherever the format of the network allows it, you should add author information to the content that you post. This could be a signature or a full-blown “author’s bio.” However much information is provided, you have to make sure that it includes a link to your site.

Once you are marketing your online presence through the web and on social media sites, you have to take care to avoid producing too much duplicate content. This can happen accidentally because of the many links to your content that you will spreading out across different communications channels. You’ll probably be using shortened URLs on some social media sites, for instance. These can produce web pages on your site with identical content but different URLs. This is a very bad thing in SEO terms! You can use two HTML tricks to avoid this problem: 301 redirects and the “canonical” tag. A 301 is a status response that indicates permanent redirection; the “canonical” tag is used to identify an original page and tell search engines to ignore any duplicates. You should use both tactics, if possible.

A well-organized social media presence that serves to enhance and extend your business’s website is a beautiful thing. Now that you’ve reviewed some information on making your optimization efforts work in both arenas, you’re ready to start tying together all of your online ventures into one harmonious whole.

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